Remembrances of Richard P. Riegert

From Ken Lunde, March 5, 2012:

What a ride we all had as Sloaners! He will be missed and always remembered.

Ken Lunde

From Ed Jetton, March 5, 2012

Dear Herman,

Yes I got a call from Quad Group Friday afternoon that he had gone to the hospital and might not make it.

He was a mentor and inspiration to me. Without his encouragement I would never made it. The way he ran Sloan, Technology of Materials, and The Quad Group was employee friendly and I'll always refer to it as "Richard's Way" or "The Riegert Way of Management"!

If you own or run a business, do it as Richard did and take your people to the beach on a good day!

Volleyball and blackened (Cajun) fish on the grill - the ONLY WAY to run a company!

May he rest in the peace. He most DEFINITELY deserves and never fade from our memory.

Ed Jetton

From Jerry Krichmar, March 5


Sadly the passing of a good friend and mentor

Jerry Krichmar

From John Cook, March 6 (sent to BJarne Larsen)

Hallo Bjarne Larsen,

How are you people yourself?

Everybody has a life, one live a bit longer than other.

Dick Riegert was a nice person, When he was still living here, I did work for him in my own shop.

Than one day, He moved away to Washington state and for the house he did have here and sold.

He bought up north a house and a company for the price he got for the house he sold here.

I like that couple very much, and with jobs I did for him, I did have a personal contact with both of them.

Sorry to learn of the passing away of Dick Riegert.

He leave a empty chair behind, Good by Dick.

I become this year 92 years old and have my health problems were I can live with using the medication and I have a pacemaker as well. for this I use daily got Coumadin medication. That's all.

We both are walking almost every day 1 or sometimes 2 miles and feeling O.K

Nice weather made a lot of difference. You know that.

Greetings from both of us. Thanks for your letter.

John and Daphne Cook

From Barry Paanakker, March 7

Hi Bjarne and Herman,

It is a said message, Dick Riegert passed away. Yes we are all getting old, but that is what most of us want.

Thank you for letting me know!

The most spectacular moment I remember that in the fist years of the seventies, Dick arrived at Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) to visit Sloan Technology in Holland, and I had to pick him up. 

Thru the gate I saw suddenly a man with a violet cape and a big hat. I could not believe he was my upper boss. But he was!! I worked for Sloan from 1970 thru 1978 but will never forget this special company.

All the best with you and keep going!

Berry Paanakker

From Herman Brown, March 7

My first memory of Dick Riegert was the day I was interviewed for a job. I had prepared for the interview by shaving off my beard and sideburns and wearing slacks, I think.

After Fred talked to me, he sent me in to meet Dick.

There sitting behind a large desk was a full-bearded gentleman with a yellow jump suit, He asked me just two Questions.

The first was "Do you have a degree?

I hesitated and began to mention what school I had completed, and he just said. "Good. I can't stand someone with a degree."

The second question was "Do you drink?"

I hesitated again and kind of said yes, but he just said "Good, I can't stand anybody who doesn't drink."

That was most of the interview.

I don't quite remember what I thought after that.

He was one of a kind, that's for sure.

Herman Brown